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Imagine your call center flooded with requests. Your best prospects motivated to put down the remote and pick up the phone. Your products flying off the shelves faster than you can restock them. That’s the power of Traditional Direct Response Television (DRTV). By advertising your product or service alongside major brands on nationwide networks, DRTV drives action. And with Kre8 managing and continuously optimizing your campaigns, all that action comes at the most efficient cost-per possible. Here’s how we do it.

  • Capture strategic media intelligence: target profile, geographic skews, competitive indicators and media preferences.
  • Evaluate competitive trends to identify strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace.
  • Determine markets or regions containing the highest concentration of the target.
  • Prioritize networks/markets by order of effectiveness.
  • Buy media based on budget allocations and media effectiveness.
  • Creative development. KRE8 Media will work with you to ensure that your messaging and offers are on target.
  • Complete production. Use your own resources, or we can connect you with the best production resources for your budget.
  • Monitor performance DAILY, tweaking the buy to shift dollars to higher performing channels.
  • Continuously maximize the cost per lead and cost per sale.
  • Invest more dollars in the most effective channels for maximum impact.
  • Receive a flurry of inbound calls.
  • Products go flying off the shelves.
  • Sign up more new customers than you can count.
  • Enjoy long-lasting brand recognition and trust.

Want to launch a DRTV campaign using the same phone number across all channels? We can apply the same tracking technology used for our Drive-to-Web clients to create branded phone number campaigns for your business. Learn more.

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Kre8 Credo: Eliminate the guesswork, eliminate the waste.
You know what we love most about DRTV? It’s not a game of chance. DRTV lets us evaluate and adjust media daily. So we can quickly test different media, offers and creative executions, then drop what doesn’t work and redirect your budget to what does.
Kre8 Success: Connect Hearing
Connect Hearing, a healthcare clinic with 133 local retail hearing centers in 33 markets, was looking for a more cost-effective way to target their niche audience. Good thing they found Kre8 Media. Because we found a way to drive 54% of their calls while spending only 34% of their budget.
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